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#4 Pilates Beginner Course - Ab Prep - 100

The Abb Prep - Start practicing with the feet on the floor 4 - 6 repetitions and build up to 10 in time with the legs lifted in the 100 position.

This series of short videos give you detailed instruction for all basic Pilates Exercises. The aim is to show you how to perform them correctly, but also highlight problems which could occur, showing you how to overcome them. Try to start from video #1 and work your way up.

Below are some pointers to help you with your Pilates practice.

Pain in Pilates:

If a move hurts at all in any way STOP! reset into your Pilates ‘Set Up’ position and try again.

(DON’T ACCEPT PAIN EVER!!) There is no such thing as no pain, no gain with Pilates. (If unsure please contact our instructor’s)

Pilates Breathing:

Breathing is a key focus! Every element of a Pilates exercise is a single breath in or out. (try to avoid     holding your breath) It’s worth reviewing the Breathing video to help you master this quickly

Large thoracic breaths. Breathe in through the nose (make sure the mouth is closed) & out through the mouth. (imagine you’re blowing through a straw)

Core Muscle engagement and Posture

As Children we naturally held our core muscles engaged at 30% at all times, but, as we get older we adopt poor sitting and standing habits which result in the core muscles being relaxed most of the time. Our aim is to help you revive these core muscles to get them working for you daily and improving your overall posture.

#4 Pilates Beginner Course - Ab Prep - 100
Starting at £40.00
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